Leeuwin Estate Wine Dinner & Tasting

The Old Bridge, Huntingdon, United Kingdom

Friday 14 October, 7pm – 11pm

Join Leeuwin Estate Co-CEO and Principal, Simone Furlong at The Old Bridge, Huntingdon.

Simone will talk through a selection of acclaimed Leeuwin Estate wines, including the iconic Art Series Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Canapés with the tasting will be followed by roast partridge and then pear tarte tatin, accompanied by more wine from Leeuwin.

£85 per person. Limited to 30 guests.

To book, please ring the wine shop 01480 458410.

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Date 14 October, 7pm
Location The Old Bridge, Huntingdon, UK
Cost £85 per person
Please phone 01480 45810